You will find here the answer to the most frequently asked questions and issues that you may not even think about.

Warranty and service

All new Scoopper products are covered by a 36-month warranty.

Test / demo products (used) are sold with a 12-month warranty.

Service application should be made by e-mail to the address, providing in the message:

– vehicle serial number

– purchase date

– full description of the defect with photographic documentation (if possible)

The warranty service is implemented in the place indicated by the customer after prior service application. If possible, the repair is made on the spot. Otherwise, the product may be taken to the central service.

As part of the warranty, we will repair the damaged bike on the customer’s site, or if necessary, we will transport it to the service center. The customer may also deliver the bike to the service point or a predetermined point, after prior service notification. Post-warranty services are set individually.

Basic service activities can be performed on your own:

– gear adjustment
– brake adjustment
– cleaning
– chain maintenance
– replacement of brake pads

Electric equipment does not require servicing.

Loss of warranty causes incorrect use or violation of warranty seals. Warranty inspections are not required.

We offer a paid pre-season service carried out at the customer’s or in our service center.

Before the planned longer period of not using a bicycle or scooter, charge the battery, clean the vehicle and protect the leather elements, as well as lubricate the chain and gears.

You can order a paid service carried out from the customer or deliver the product to the point/service.

When determining the details of the website/review, the estimated cost of the service will be presented.

We offer all spare parts for our vehicles. Most of them are available “immediately”, but some require a little longer waiting time. Operating materials such as brake pads are publicly available.


Yes, Scoopper is a completely Polish brand that was founded in 2016. The growing role of electromobility, the needs of modern society and our willingness to introduce innovative solutions have become the basis for building and developing a premium brand. The founder of the Scoopper brand is Jakub Czarny, who is also the President of the Management Board.

The name Scoopper comes from the combination of two words: Scooter, which in English means two-wheeler, and Chopper, which is a legendary motorcycle, the driving characteristics and comfort of which are known to all motorcycle users.

Our bikes are assembled in Poland. The products are configured from the best available components from global companies: Shimano, Kenda, Samsung, Tektro, Mozo, Bafang. The frames are delivered from a modern factory in China, with which Scoopper has signed a long-term contract, and are delivered directly to our assembly plant in the Technology Park in Puławy, where each product is inspected, hand-assembled and, in the case of bicycles, delivered directly to the customer to the address indicated on the premises. Polish.

Scoopper bikes differ radically in the quality of workmanship, used components and accessories. The bikes are configured to provide long range, adequate power reserve, exceptional comfort and maximum riding pleasure. You get a unique product delivered directly to you that does not require your input in preparing it for the ride. Beyond the physical product, you get pre-sale and after-sale care that no other manufacturer can provide.


Fatbike tires, thanks to their width and the ability to work with various pressure levels, adapt to almost any weather conditions. At a lower pressure, the tire perfectly adapts to the surface, increasing the contact surface of the tire, ensuring stability while driving and braking on wet and slippery surfaces. They replace classic bicycle shock absorbers, provide indescribable ride comfort incomparable to other tires. They make the bike universal for all types of surfaces.

Our bikes can be transported on hook racks with the use of special adapters for transporting fatbikes. The scooters can be transported in any car, and too dramatic in public transport.

The electric bike provides us with support while driving, implemented by the pedal assist system (PAS). The level of assistance is adjustable – 5 levels of assistance (the higher the level, the stronger the assistance).

Yes, you can drive without support with the power off (the vehicle becomes a conventional bike) or with the power supply to 0 (zero) assistance. (bike has a classic derailleur).

This is due to legal norms. On January 1, 2017, the EU introduced new categories and regulations regarding the certification and use of electric bikes while canceling old procedures published in 2002. They show that every bike that is equipped with a handle for independent ride requires l1e (Motorwer), registration and liability insurance.

The maximum speed depends only on the strength of the user’s muscles. Electrical support works up to 25 km/h – this is due to legal norms. On January 1, 2017, the EU introduced new categories and regulations regarding the certification and use of electric bikes while canceling old procedures published in 2002. During acceleration, the power is gradually reduced, until it is cut off after reaching the limit speed (25 km/h). Above this value, we only move by muscle strength.

Our vehicles have specific degrees of protection. Verify which level of protection your product has.

IP54 – the product may be splashed
IP55 – the product can work in light rain (12.5 l / min)

Bicycles are usually not equipped with an in-ride charging system. Such a system is not required with the range of the battery – up to 100 km on a single charge.

On January 1, 2017, the EU introduced new categories and regulations regarding the certification of approval and use of electric bicycles, simultaneously canceling the old procedures published in 2002. These regulations show that our bikes have the rights of conventional bikes, which means that you can move everywhere where you can ride a regular bike. Bicycle paths, roadways and a wide pavement.

The batteries can be recharged both mounted on the bike and removed. The choice of how you charge the battery is up to you. Remember to use only the original chargers that came with the product.

The life of the Li-Ion battery is about 1000-1500 charging cycles. You also have to remember about external factors, proper use and appropriate working conditions of the battery. Incorrect use of the battery can significantly reduce the lifetime of the battery. All information available in the manual.

All our products are unisex. It depends on you what product you choose.

No, the bike is configured to provide you with maximum comfort combined with functionality, maintaining an attractive appearance.

At the moment we do not have trunk for transporting bicycles in our offer. However, we will gladly help in choosing the optimal solution. We recommend branded products, e.g. Thule.

The wheels are too assembled using screws primarily because of safety (higher speeds, higher forces). Another reason is the use of hydraulic brakes, at which each time the wheel disassembly forces re -regulation of the brakes. Only qualified service technicians can be carried out by this.

Cruiser has a special mounting holder in the seat post. You will install every water bottle with clamping bands for a folding.

In all vehicles, the power steering level is set with UP and Down keys on the display. Changes can be made both while driving and parking.

The battery allows you to travel up to 100 km. How much the battery can withstand depends on the intensity and frequency of the use of the bike.

The derailleurs allow us to change the gear ratio, the most noticeable when driving without support. When driving, the derailleur affects the crank frequency and resistance when starting.

The full charging cycle lasts 6-8 hours. It should be remembered that lithium-ion batteries do not require full charging cycles (full cycle = from discharge to full charge). They can be recharged freely, like a battery on a smartphone.

The current range of accessories can be found in our online store. However, keep in mind that faster charging = shorter battery life.

In order to protect the bike against theft:

– lock the battery
– remember to remove the power key
– use the highest-class bicycle locks

Our bikes can drive on the snow and are adapted to work at a temperature to -10*C. By lowering the tire pressure, we increase the contact surfaces, which translates into stability and increased grip. However, special care should be taken in such weather conditions. Let’s also remember about the reduced battery combination during low temperatures (natural phenomenon).

Hulajnogs are not vehicles adapted for snow.

Our products are charged using dedicated chargers included in the set. Power supply is a 230V network voltage (traditional home socket). You can charge your vehicle wherever the 230V socket will be available.

Yes, we have a full range of accessories and spare parts. They are available in our online store.

We recommend that you use only the dedicated Scoopper accessories.

This is an individual matter. You should assess the child’s ability to coordinate physical and safe movement on this type of vehicle. You need to read the rules of use and safety.

Our bikes are equipped with a pedaling support system. The consequence of this is a natural support that simulates the work of our muscles. Riding no different from a conventional bike. With the special wishes of the customer, we are able to limit the maximum speed of 10/15/20 km/h.

Hulajnogs are adapted to use by minors, but it should be remembered that as electric vehicles they reach relatively high speeds (25 km/h) and high torque.

We do not define height and age limits. The minimum height is one that ensures proper coordination and freedom of movement, while maintaining safety rules.

The bike is technologically adapted to the installation of a lever, but for legal reasons we do not provide such a service. This is related to the need for product approval. Its lack makes the use of such a bike on public roads illegal, for which the user is responsible. Self-assembly is associated with the loss of warranty.

The bike supports us to 25 km/h. We get higher speed by pedaling – energy comes from our muscles.

Driving a scooter at a speed greater than 25 km/h is practically impossible. For security reasons, we also do not recommend experiments with a speed record “downhill”.

BIKE – Cruiser / Folding:
The engine is housed in the rear wheel hub. This solution directly transfers the power to the wheel without losses on the components of the drive unit (sprockets, chain), extending the life of individual components. The BLDC motor is maintenance-free and has a long service life.

SCOOTER – Lightning / Carbon:
The engine is located in the front wheel.

Bafang is a Chinese company specializing in the production of electric motors. Proven high -quality solutions ensure comfort and convenience of use. Both our tests and the operation of our clients have indicated the trouble -freeness of this solution.

You can ride a bicycle without keys, but we will not be able to start support and all electrical functions.

We recommend getting acquainted with our offer of accessories available in the online store and stationary points.

We inflate the wheels in bicycles with each pump that supports the “car” valve. The wheels in scooters do not require pumping.

Yes. In the case of the Cruiser, it can be mounted only on a bicycle rack (available as an option), in Folding it is possible to mount the seat also to the seat post.

We recommend getting acquainted with our offer of accessories available in the online store and stationary points.

A slightly dirty bike or scooter should be washed with a non-scratching surface, a damp cloth without the use of detergents. A heavily soiled bike can be washed on a pressure washer, with prior protection of the leather grips, saddle, display and after removing the battery. Do not direct the water stream directly at the grips, saddle, electrical components, and in places where there are bearings (front hub, rear hub, crank). Also, be careful not to damage the warranty seals. After washing the vehicle, it is worth to additionally protect with PTFE grease (e.g. spray) such elements as: chain, freewheel, gears.

In the case of bicycles, the values are:

• 5 – 30 psi
• 0.4 – 2.1 Bar
• 40 – 210 kPa

Purchase and delivery

We know what we sell. Scoopper products are a determinant of the best components used: battery capacity, engine power, type of tires used, hydraulic brakes, and above all service as well as sales and post -warranty service. In the best restaurant, after we received an excellent dish, we do not negotiate the final price, but we pay for culinary experience and despite the often high account we leave a decent tip serving us the waiter. Here instead of dishes – we have our advanced products, instead of restaurants – we have a scopper space or an online store, instead of a waiter – we have a sales consultant. If you are satisfied, also leave a tip.

I expect the delivery of the bike up to 3 working days from the moment the payment is booked.

We deliver the bike in a carton prepared for final assembly free of charge throughout Poland. We will deliver your scopper a prepared and adjusted bike that is delivered to a fixed place. Our supplier presents the service and functionality of the bicycle.

Our bikes are treated as a classic means of transport, which means their purchase can be tax deductible and the basis for deducting VAT?

This is how we work with Leaselink. If you want to take advantage of the leasing offer, our partner performs formalities even within 15 minutes! If you want, you can propose your company offering leasing.

This is how we offer installment sale. When buying in the online store, there is an option of installment payment made by PayU.

It is possible to be insured, we can recommend a specific insurance company.