Scoopper Concierge

Scoopper Concierge is our proprietary, broadly understood customer care service at the highest level.

It is a supplement to our offer of unique vehicles and at the same time its basis.

We want our every customer, like the guest of the best hotel, feel extremely treated.
So that he would not have to take care of the accessories, he could enjoy having a unique vehicle immediately after purchase and at any time.
That the feeling that accompanies anyone who gets on Scoopper would also accompany him before and after a ride.

That is why we prepare each vehicle after configuring and ordering by the customer for driving, determine the place of delivery, and we present, instruct and answer every question about service and use on the spot.
We secure each client with civil liability insurance and unfortunate accidents to exclude all possible fears that could limit the joy of having a scopper. To this end, we assign a cooperating agent who is always for dysenicum.

Each of our vehicles has a 36-month warranty, which we provide for the customer after prior service notification. The service team removes a possible fault at the customer’s site or takes the vehicle to the service for this purpose and delivers it, already equipped with new components, to the site.

The situation is similar in the case of a pre- or post-season inspection of a vehicle on request, which we also carry out at the customer’s.

There are situations where the delivery of Scoopper is associated with exceptional circumstances such as important holidays and celebrations of future users.
Then we treat each such event very individually and make sure that Scoopper becomes an unforgettable and unique element of the event.