We offer a unique and proven business model for:

  • Hotels
  • Holiday resorts
  • Owners of guesthouses and restaurants in holiday resorts
  • Independent investors

Both extending own offer and basic service of the highest quality.

You get a complete product from us, which is ideal both for Your potential Customers and for You as a profitable tool!

We open a bike rental SCOOPPER Rent for You, caring for every detail:

  • hybrid bikes of the highest quality
  • insurance
  • service
  • trainings
  • all necessary materials to run a business
  • marketing support
  • bike rental management application:

Within the ‘Rent’ model we offer the investor a great instrument supporting bike rental management for a staff as well as the owner. A simple and intuitive application is provided on a dedicated device (the 10-inch tablet), the application is fully configured for a particular businessman. Its functionality includes:

  • a register of booking:
    • an interface in the form of calendar displaying hours, days, weeks, months, years (zoom option +/-)
    • a visual presentation facilitating the maximal usage time optimization of every vehicle
    • a coloristic presentation of the booked vehicles and being during renting
  • an automatic counting of charges for several bookings
  • a possibility of contact details introduction for several bookings
  • an automatic alert for completed rental time
  • a possibility of setting some hourly rate
  • user accounts to count the several cashiers
  • report module:
    • reports for several vehicles and all fleet
    • daily and periodic reports
    • time reports and quota reports (amount of worked hours, profitability)
    • cashier’s reports/ owner’s reports
    • alerts for discounts given by cashiers

The service of bike rental has never been so simple. Due to built in scanner of QR codes (there are on the bicycle frame and key ring) Only one activity is enough to register renting patricular vehicle – just scan a code!!!


There is a possibility of individual financing our product.

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IBAN: PL 96 1140 2004 0000 3512 0508 2740

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XIII Commercial Division of the National Court Register
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